November 30 2015

Waypaver Labs: Bringing Us All Into the Future

Did you know that Chattanooga is the future home of a lunar research park, where the country’s top space startups will grow and launch their sustainable space technologies?


Say what???


Because of Waypaver Labs, Chattanooga is about to be a big name in multi-planetary living. That’s right. Chattanooga is going to help bring humanity to other worlds.


If you aren’t a “space nerd”, you may not really think much about lunar settlements and space technologies. But maybe you should. And here’s why:


Waypaver Labs isn’t looking to promote sustainable lunar settlement technologies for the heck of it. This ambitious team realizes that supporting the development of sustainable living technologies for the moon has a twofold advantage. Not only will we be able to settle the moon and broaden our universal reach, we will have essential sustainable living technologies to implement on our good ol’ home planet, Earth.



Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.03.26 AM



This team of forward-thinkers understands that people are not great about planning decades in advance, and they want to solve that problem. You may or may not identify as a “futurist”, but Waypaver Labs would argue you should. Planning for your grandchildren’s future and your grandchildren’s grandchildren’s future is an important responsibility that we humans have neglected for too long.


And so how are they doing this? First off, Waypaver Labs is launching an accelerator for companies who are “making advancements in life sciences, energy, and other relevant fields to space exploration that have potential applications to life on Earth while also being relevant to a lunar settlement.” Companies accepted into the accelerator receive funding, office space, HR and accounting support, PR and marketing support, access to a world-class group of mentors, and access to the Lunar Research Park in Chattanooga, TN for development and testing.


Nick Arnett, Managing Director at Waypaver Labs, emphasized how important it is to get the non-traditional space enthusiasts on board with their mission. Just because someone didn’t major in Astrophysics or Cosmology doesn’t mean he or she can’t make a meaningful contribution to this cause. This is why, on top of their accelerator, they have created the Space Census. This census is meant to connect space/sustainable-living enthusiasts with similarly-minded individuals and with resources. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up now!
Waypaver Labs is proof that big things are happening in Chattanooga, and the world (nay… the universe!) should take notice.