June 13 2012

Student GigTank track begins

As the Lamp Post Group partners lined the conference room, curious GigTank students listened attentively as the stories of the men and women whose offices sit within these brick-exposed walls were uncovered. Partners with BIG ideas, LOFTY dreams, and HIGH expectations for performance, explained the path that led them to the creation of Lamp Post Group – the who’s, why’s, what’s and how’s behind their journeys.

Passion. It’s a word that characterizes each individual who works in the LPG office. Not a single person would be here without his or her passion for the work. With that said, the men and women who brought the GigTank students here could talk for hours about how much they love what they do – albeit how different each individual’s role is. But, this summer is not about what the LPG partners do but, instead, about the students who came here from all around the world. So, the conversation quickly transitioned from a focus on the office to an emphasis on who the students are and their passions.

Eleven individuals make up the student side of the GigTank. They come from four countries and five states – ranging from Rwanda to Brazil and New Jersey to Tennessee.

The atmosphere around here is spontaneous, so the day would not have been complete without a little spontaneity. Hence, off to the Chattanooga Ducks we waddled. From the history of Chattanooga to the short histories of the students’ lives, the day began with a bang, and ended with cheer as the LPG GigTank team gathered for dinner.

Wheels are turning as the students have been handed task #1 – a brief pitch on Friday morning. This will include a small powerpoint/mockup/diagram of their current best idea. Show us what you’ve got, students!