February 22 2012

retickr 2.0 and Increased Lamp Post Investment Announcement

We’re very proud to announce that retickr (a Lamp Post portfolio company) launched their new retickr v2.0 via the Mac App store yesterday.  The team has been working hard for 10 months building retickr – focusing on personalized news, unique delivery methods, and simplified sharing.

Lamp Post made another announcement yesterday – we have increased our investment in retickr, to the tune of $1.5m.  We met the team roughly 12 months ago, and have seen them grow up, work hard, and push the first of many innovative products.

The decision to ratchet up our investment comes as we see retickr attacking a major problem (information overload), with creativity and intelligence.  Since day 1, retickr has embraced the Lamp Post model; utilizing mentorship, our resources, and collaborating with our portfolio companies.  It’s a great fit, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Coverage of this announcement at Techcrunch