February 23 2012

retickr 2.0 Covered by TechCrunch, Venturebeat and Lifehacker

Congrats to the gang at retickr.  Their 2.0 product is a solid improvement over 1.0 and most of the upgrades are server side, so you don’t even know how badass this new version is yet!


For the social among you, Retickr can take your Twitter or Facebook account and integrate shared links into your feed or distribute news to either account directly from the application. It has a lot in common with the previously featured, Snackr, but the social integration and low memory usage makes it a step above for anyone looking for a news ticker for OS X.
Retickr Updates with a Better Interface, Time Sliders, and More: The personalized RSS news ticker Retickr released an update this week that adds a handful of improvements, including a streamlined interface, news time customizations, and more.
Tech Crunch
Retickr is a simple app with a news ticker bar that scrolls headlines across your desktop. You can control what types of news you see, specify RSS feeds from Google Reader, and control the speed of ticker. You can also make the ticker stay on top of all other windows (which can be distracting unless you have a large screen) or you can hide it when you minimize the app.