May 21 2014

Chattanooga Whiskey

Founded: Nov 17, 2011
Type: Spirits

Do Good. Enjoy Responsibly.

Our 1816 whiskey is a true and traditional American whiskey. Carrying a distinct rye spiciness with undertones of strong aged wood, we believe that 1816 was the perfect whiskey to brand the Chattanooga name onto. We’re in the process of building our distillery in Chattanooga. At the heart of everything we do is the simple truth that whiskey brings people together. We believe it’s possible to build a company that does good for everyone touched by it – farmers, distillers, employees… and, of course, anyone who tips a bottle of Chattanooga Whiskey over a glass. This is the “why” of whiskey, and to us it matters as much as the product and the process. Whiskey is freedom and culture, something to sip in silent times of independence, to share in loud lively times surrounded by people you love. Connecting people, building community, building souls, one sip at a time.