December 09 2015

Making Social Media Work For You- A recap of our meeting of the minds

Social Media is here to stay. That’s why it’s crucial to strategize how it plays into your company’s success. Today I met with some experienced, smart and bold members of the Lamp Post Group portfolio who have great ideas when it comes to Social Media.



Left to Right: Stephanie Hays (Tomorrow Building), Matt Neely (FanJam), Jeremy Boudinet (Ambition), Bijan Dhanani (PriceWaiter), Brad Kemp (Steam Logistics), Steve Cox (Steam Logistics), Dirk Unkle (PriceWaiter), Jason Provonsha (Steam Logistics), Channing Marshall (Bellhops)


We got together to share some knowledge, and now I’m going to share some of that knowledge with you.















Speaking with Videos:

Matt Neely, who handles Digital Marketing and Social Media for FanJam– Mobile daily fantasy basketball for cash- kills it with the videos. If you haven’t seen FanJam’s vines or this delightful little video on their Facebook, do that now. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


He is a firm believer in videos speaking the loudest on social media. With his videos, he incorporates humor and shares them with an abundance of emojis.   Speaking of emojis…


Emojis are kind of a big deal:

Today, there is such a thing as Emoji Marketing. If you aren’t familiar, check it before you scoff. Most people use emojis on a regular basis. As popular as it is, it only makes sense that your marketing efforts incorporate emojis- when appropriate. So, if you don’t speak emoji, it’s time to learn. I don’t think it’s on Rosetta Stone, but with a little practice you’ll be fluent.


Speaking the language of your followers is key. Some speak emoji. Some speak bro. Some speak code. And often, different social media platforms reach different types of followers. That’s why…


It’s important to create the appropriate voice for each Social Media platform:

Channing Marshall, Marketing Specialists at Chattanooga based moving company, Bellhops, shared a couple of examples of this.


At Bellhops, they use Snapchat to create Bellhops-facing videos to engage with their bellhops.  Twitter, on the other hand, is used to communicate with potential and current customers. Therefore, the voice of their Twitter reflects that. They tweet from the perspective of Barnabus, their mascot. It creates an approachable and likable tone that keeps users engaged.


But how do you know if your customers are engaged? How do you really know any of this is working?


You gotta do your homework:

Which Facebook groups with similar interests should you share posts with and reach out to? Who  is following you and who is unfollowing you on your social media platforms. What time of day are your followers most engaged? These are all questions you need to be asking and answering on a regular basis.


Before you get really stressed out, it’ll be okay! There are tools to help with all this.


A few tools we discussed during our meeting:


This can all still seem like a lot to handle. Don’t fret. Another important trick:


Use other people’s content:

Not in like a stealing way. Bijan Dhanani, Special Ops at PriceWaiter– the ultimate personalized pricing platform, spoke about not always creating content from scratch, but rather sharing interesting found content and giving credit to the original poster.   There is a ton of content out there, and a lot of it is valuable. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Share other people’s good work. Give them credit. They’ll appreciate it! And who knows? They may return the favor.


So, that’s an overview of our talk about Social Media. As Lamp Post Group and the teams we work with grow our Social Media presence and learn, we’ll share our experiences with you. So stay tuned for that.



This post was written by Katlyn Whittenburg, the Social Media Manager at Lamp Post Group. Stay up to date on what we are doing! Follow us on:

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