March 10 2016

Let’s Twitter Better

This week, a guest post from Matt Neely. Matt is a Social Media Expert who wants to spread the good word on how to Twitter. Check out this great advice:

Twitter is hard, it changes all the time, it’s competitive, and if you misspell a word someone will make you feel stupid for doing so.

I was awful at being a social media manager when I started (I’m still no pro), but I started doing some things that gave us some success and maybe they will help you too.

Focus On Finding Quality Followers

“How can I get more followers?”

First things first: Never, ever, EVER pay for followers. If you have 20,000 followers and a tweet doesn’t get viewed or shared by anyone in your target market, what’s the point?

The real answer: follow people.

Following people is the best way to inform a stranger that your business exists. The more people you follow the higher your exposure, meaning more followers! I use Crowdfie to keep tabs on who doesn’t follow back, which is important if you care about the followers/following ratio.

IMPORTANT: there’s a BIG difference in having a large number of followers and having a large number of quality followers. Quality followers engage with content, share it with their friends and are interested in your target market.

So where can you find them?

They are commenting, retweeting, and liking posts on popular pages with similar interests. Look below tweets on these pages and see who retweeted and commented on the post. Follow these people. They are your key to high impression and engagement numbers!

Attach Some Type Of Media To Every Tweet

Sending a tweet without a photo, gif, or video attached is not going to fly in 2016. People consume media differently now and it’s your job to figure out how to incorporate videos with your tweets. Brands are moving on from youtube to twitter because of the incredible engagement statistics that native twitter video brings.

Photo Credit/ SocialBakers

You are more likely to be seen in a crowded timeline with a video, vine, gif, or picture attached. Let’s look at an example. Peyton Manning was trending today and everyone was tweeting about it. Which tweet do you notice 1st?

That was a trick question. You noticed Peyton Manning’s forehead first.

Ok seriously, the video dominates the timeline. Almost everyone will look at the video instead of reading the text-only tweet below.

Try using more media in your tweets and let me know if you noticed an improvement in engagement!

You Gotta Give The People What They Want

“give, give, give, give, give, give…..ask.” — Tweet God Gary Vaynerchuk

If a stranger walked up and asked you for $20 what would you say?

No, right?

The truth is as a social media manager, you are the person bothering a stranger and eventually you will need to ask them to do something for you.

Click, read, buy, share…..We can’t expect people to do us a favor if we have never done one for them. That’s why content will always be King. At the end of the day, good content will separate you from other companies in the same market.

People love retweeting cool stuff on twitter. It makes them look cool for finding it. That’s why you’re going to find it first and bring it to twitter. Keep giving them more and more great information, videos, facts, etc.


Once their tummies are full with delicious content, then ask (politely) for them to perform an action. I’m much more likely to click over to a page if I’ve seen excellent social media content.

When you share great content, people become fans of your brand or business. Finding great content isn’t exactly difficult.

Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are excellent places to see what content has already been successful. The more time you spend with popular internet content the earlier you will be able to recognize good content before others. Borrowing content is perfectly fine. Tagging the original source is always the right move if you do borrow from them.

Optimize Your Caption for Twitter Search

2 Billion people use the search feature on twitter each day! These people are all looking for something. If something big happens in the world people are going to twitter to get real-time updates and information.

It’s important to use as many key search words as you can in the caption. Think about what you would type in if you were searching for that content.

A caption can make or break a tweet. Keep it short, let the content tell the story, and include the key search words. Long sentences tend to cause less engagement from my experience.

Good Content + Good Caption = Retweets Errywhere

Review Hit and Miss Tweets Each Week

You can’t hit home runs with every tweet (unless you are Kanye). So what I do is a weekly review. I look my bad tweets right in the eye and notice the things that caused such a lack of engagement. It could be a bad caption, poor content, posting at a bad time, or anything else that made people hate you.

It’s your job to find out what’s happening. Look at the top 5 tweets from each week. Is there anything you are doing differently from the bad tweets? it can be little things such as an emoji. In my experience, I noticed a 6% rise in engagement when I included at least one emoji. That might seem crazy, but it’s 2016, emoji is a language now.

We have to embrace it.

There are a lot of Twitter tools out there. MANY of them are not helpful, but there is also plenty of great one’s out there.

These are the most useful twitter tools I’ve used (No Order):

  1. Crowdfire– Really easy interface for following/unfollowing target followers. You can also schedule future posts. It works great on mobile and desktop.
  2. Buffer– Buffer allows you to schedule future tweets, including tweets with video, in advance. The chrome extension for buffer also allows you to schedule a future post in 2 or 3 clicks from the twitter website.
  3. Social Rank– Social Rank ranks your followers by most valuable (, Most engaged (determined by frequency of engagement — retweets, mentions, and replies), best followers (notable followers who have engaged with you recently), most followed and alphabetized.
  4. TweetDeck– If you run multiple accounts then you will die unless you have TweetDeck. It keeps everything in order by columns that are completely customizable. It’s easy to switch from accounts and see who’s tweeting at you or talking about your brand.
  5. Chrome Extension– This little guy allows you to instantly download youtube videos right to your computer. So if you don’t know how to acquire content, this is a good way. If you use someone’s media tag them. It’s not polite to steal unless you help them back.
  6. Twitter Analytics– It’s free, it’s important, use analytics every single day.

Follow me on twitter @MattNeely_ and let me know what’s working for you!

Special shoutout to Toni Gemayel and TJ Weigel for all they have done for my social media game at FanJam

Also, thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, my imaginary father.

This was originally posted on Matt’s Medium.

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