October 29 2015

Lamp Post Group- From the Eyes of the New Girl

Hi! I’m Katlyn, and I am the new Social Media Manager over at Lamp Post Group.

Katlyn, the Social Media Manager at LPG

(Me looking like a nerd on my first day)

I’m the newest member of Lamp Post team, and it’s my job to curate the content that we create and share on all of our social media outlets, including this blog. I wanted to write this post to introduce myself, give you a peek into the main office at Lamp Post Group and to update you on some big things to look forward to from Lamp Post blog.

Since the moment I met with the Lamp Post team, I felt the energy, kindness and the pinch of crazy that make Lamp Post wonderful, and I want to give you a peek into the offices here at Lamp Post Group so you can meet the people who make this such a great company to work for.


The first person I met when being hired was this lovely lady, Rachel Hanson:


She is our Community Manager. She knows all things Lamp Post, and this place could not function without her. No, but seriously. Never leave, Rachel.


Next up, another lovely lady on the Lamp Post team is Tiffanie Robinson, our Director of Operations:









As apparent from her picture, she’s super fun. Her responsibilities are vast and varied. If you’ve heard of our coding classes, that’s her. How about the Tomorrow Building? That’s her too.


Next, the two fellas that sit across from me every day are Weston Wamp (Director of Development) and Kyle Bryant (Director of Accounting):


And yes, Kyle and Weston always coordinate their outfits. It’s adorable.


Next up, we have Nicole Nelson and Josie Mcghee, our accountants:


They are super friendly and super important! They make sure we all get paid and Lamp Post stays afloat. So, yeah. They are kind of a big deal.


Next, we have Matt Ashworth, Property Manager:


He’s our go-to on all things property-related!


Next, on our IT Team, we have this friendly and helpful duo, Stephen Bell and Tom Bramwell:

Stephen imgres


Ok, so Tom doesn’t do pictures, but the likeness is striking. These two gentlemen handle all things IT here at Lamp Post, which is no small task with a bunch of tech companies all in one space.


And here is our delightfully useful intern, Susanna Taft:


She does a little bit of everything for us, and we love her for it.


And we mustn’t forget, the partners over here at LPG:

Left to right: Allen Davis, COO, Ted Alling, CEO, and Barry Large, CFO

Left to right: Allan Davis, COO, Ted Alling, CEO, and Barry Large, CFO

Ted likes giving thumbs up.


So that is the core Lamp Post team.


Cool, but what are we all doing here? What is Lamp Post Group all about? So glad you asked:


Lamp Post is on the forefront of entrepreneurship and tech in Chattanooga. We invest in an impressive portfolio of companies in Chattanooga that are helping Chattanooga evolve into the next great tech city.


But we don’t just care about tech. We want to help Chattanooga become the best city to live and work. This means not only growing the tech sector. This means supporting educators, artists, and small business owners so that Chattanooga can become a well-balanced and thriving city. That mission is what attracted me to Lamp Post. As a Chattanooga native (Well.. almost. I moved from Atlanta when I was 2. Don’t hold that against me.) and a parent of two daughters who are growing up here, I care deeply about the success of this city. Mainly, so that my daughters stay here when they grow up and never leave me. But that’s not important.


So here at Lamp Post Group, we are constantly thinking of ways to further enable the community to achieve greatness. From the Tomorrow Building, to our coding workshops, to Chattanooga Startup Week, and the many more projects on the horizon, we are focusing on Chattanooga.


That same focus will be emphasized in this blog, as well. You can look forward to unique perspectives from a variety of talented folks here at Lamp Post and the companies we work with on topics ranging from web development to design to entrepreneurship to parenting to beyond. We want to be a resource for you as you pursue your own goals in this beautiful city.


And as always, we want you to be engaged in what we have going on. Stay up to date and let us know how we are doing!

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This post was written by Katlyn Whittenburg, the Social Media Manager at Lamp Post Group.