At Lamp Post Group, innovation is more than investing in startups— it’s also about investing in people. We believe that strong workplace culture is key to taking a company from a concept to a full-scale organization that will survive the long haul. That’s why we explore new ways to make our workplace fun, exciting, and motivating.

We have an open office that encourages communication and collaboration. We embrace our employees’ lifestyles, from the many bikes parked in our hallways to welcoming dogs to the office. We believe firmly in work-life balance and community involvement, because people work their very best when they live their very best.

That’s why we encourage our employees to pursue their passions beyond their job descriptions, whether that means organizing a professional organization or event, participating in athletic feats, getting involved in local politics, or traveling the world.

We want to empower our employees to be themselves and love what they do so that we can all take it to the next level, from the newest employee to the oldest startup to the Lamp Post Group to the city of Chattanooga.