January 05 2012

Chattanooga’s Innovation Culture – PC World

Phil Shapiro flat out gets it.  As he says:

The breadth of this vision comes to life when you realize that EPB’s fiber optic Internet extends to residents of trailer parks as well as to some of the farms in areas surrounding Chattanooga. If you live in a trailer park in EPB’s service area, you can sign up for gigabit Ethernet with a static IP address. The cost? Less than you’d pay for a T1 line in any other city in the nation. And this is symmetrical gigabit Ethernet – more than 600 times faster than a T1 line.

As I sat in the EPB’s office and heard this story, I thought: This is the way it’s supposed to be. Internet access should not be coming to your home from some greedy telco who routinely puts you on hold for an hour or more should you dare to call for support. I looked into the eyes of EPB’s leadership and saw devoted public servants. No hint of bravado or arrogance. “We focus solely on the needs of our customers,” spoke EPB’s Danna Bailey in a soft voice. “There are no shareholders here.”