November 16 2015

Chattanooga, let’s see what you’re making! #CHAcreates

Chattanooga, we see you. We know you are talented, driven, and creative, and we are impressed. That’s why we want to show you off.

To do this, we are starting the hashtag #CHAcreates to promote the cool stuff you’re creating. Post an image on Instagram of whatever you’ve created. Built a desk? Built an app? Painted a masterpiece? Written a poem? Whether you are posting as an individual or as a small business, as long as you’re featuring something made in Chattanooga and you can post it on Instagram, we want to see it.


Just use the hashtag #CHAcreates in the caption. Then, each month, Lamp Post Group will feature the winning image on our blog and on our Instagram. Plus, we’ll send some swag to the winner! We hope that with this project, we will shine a spotlight on the diverse talents who call Chattanooga home.

And look! We already have some impressive people taking part! :


Set in Stone Fabrication has posted a beautiful concrete creation with #CHAcreates:

If you have an off the wall dream for your home, give us a call. #CHAcreates #concrete #madeinusa #fire #maker #modern #dwell

A photo posted by Set In Stone (@concretedesignhouse) on

      Bud and Floral Home has posted some unique and gorgeous floral arrangements using #CHAcreates.

Bold pops of color give this arrangement an edgy feel! #budfloralandhome #CHAcreates A photo posted by Bud Floral & Home (@budfloralandhome) on

Bright fall colors for a gloomy autumn day! #budfloralandhome #CHAcreates

A photo posted by Bud Floral & Home (@budfloralandhome) on

      LAUNCH Chattanooga has also joined in this campaign with two of their entrepreneurs using the #CHAcreates hashtag. Yanetta Bowman, of Grand Finale Events and Decor is featured.

    And also featured is Carol White who creates promotional products with her company, Good Stuff Promotional Products.

      Local artist, Travis Knight has posted some delightfully creepy drawings with the #CHAcreates hashtag!

Gooey Stewie. #yourdailycreep #illustration #drawing #sketch #CHAcreates A photo posted by @travisknight on

Toof my Goof. #yourdailycreep #illustration #drawing #sketch #CHAcreates   A photo posted by @travisknight on

    And last, but certainly not least, Southern Sqweeze, the local organic juicer, is creating delicious fresh juices for Chattanooga!

These talented folks want to support the Chattanooga creative community just like we do. So, let’s see what you’re making, Chattanooga! Start posting now, and keep an eye on the #CHAcreates hashtag. We bet you’ll see some pretty fantastic creations.


This post was written by Katlyn Whittenburg, the Social Media Manager at Lamp Post Group. Stay up to date on what we are doing! Follow us on:

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