November 05 2015

#askLPG- A live Twitter chat with our founders!


Are you curious about Lamp Post Group? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? You have questions, and our partners have answers.




Ted Alling, Barry Large, and Allan Davis will be taking your questions live via Twitter chat on Nov. 9th, from 2-3pm. Just use the hashtag #AskLPG to get your questions answered live.

From starting Access America Transport in 2002 and selling it to Coyote Logistics in 2014 to founding Lamp Post Group, a venture capital incubator, in 2010, these three will provide valuable insights into their business experiences as CEO, CFO, and COO.  As partners of a fast-paced venture space, these three will share their knowledge of the startup world and entrepreneurial spirit.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, no worries. It’s easy! You can search Twitter with the hashtag #askLPG or, even better, go to TweetChat and type in #askLPG in the input bar. This will bring you to a chat room that makes it easy to see and respond to all of the #askLPG tweets. Just don’t forget to respond with #askLPG in your tweet, or we won’t see what you wrote!

Can’t wait to meet/tweet you!