October 25 2012

Are You an Attacker or Defender?

Steve Case, former founder of AOL and many other successful businesses just said at a conference, “There are two kinds of companies: attackers and defenders,” Case said Thursday, during an interview on a sunny hotel terrace in Menlo Park, Calif., where he was visiting. “Entrepreneurs are attackers, and people in Fortune 500 companies are defenders.” “Business schools teach their students to “de-risk,” he said. After all, the companies they join have the most to defend, while “innovation will come from the attackers.”

Where do we fall? Are we trying to defend off competitors or are we slaying the competition. We have to devote everything, we have to stay in attack mode. We have to provide the expert service customer’s truly deserve and take market share from the defenders in the process. We have to be more aggressive than any other company in the country. Most people sit on their laurels; we choose to aggressively take market share. Let’s get it on!

-Ted Alling