About Us

At its core, Lamp Post Group is a venture incubator. We help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas from the planning stages to reality through financial investment and business guidance. LPG combines the talent of a small venture incubator with the financial capabilities of a venture capital firm to create a system that encourages fast, independent company growth.

The Lamp Post Group Approach

At LPG, we believe in starting companies the right way – through effective business principles and a culture of creative empowerment. Our partners provide talented teams of entrepreneurs with the financial and technological resources they need to produce, and then we step aside and let them work their magic. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, we do not seek creative control over the direction of the product, nor do we override or reject the decisions of the founders. It is our belief that the owners are the ones most qualified to decide how their product will work, and should retain ultimate decision making power over their company.

We do, however offer each team guidance and strategic leadership as needed. Our leadership team has extensive background in founding and running businesses of all sizes, and can act as an invaluable pool of knowledge to founders who are just learning the ropes.

A Diverse Group of Companies

Our companies range in industry and stage of growth all the way from recent college graduates working in social data mining to an established manufacturing firm looking to grow. Our diverse portfolio of companies provide the entire LPG community with resources and talent for every conceivable need.

Lamp Post is also running a summer internship program for the brightest minds in the world to try and leverage the fastest Internet in the world. Visit the Lamp Post Labs website for more information.