April 03 2014

A 48-Hour Challenge

partners workingAfter 48 Hour Launch last weekend, we only have one question— how can we get that much done every day?

If you aren’t familiar with 48 Hour Launch, it’s a yearly event that brings together talented, creative, motivated people from across Chattanooga to develop and launch startup concepts in just two days. It involves a whole lot of caffeine, collaboration and grit, and the winner gets a package of funding and business services from organizations all over the city. It’s amazing to see what ideas come out of each year’s theme, which tend to be focused on addressing some kind of civic need.

The atmosphere at 48 Hour Launch is similar to that at Lamp Post Group. There’s the cross-pollination, the buzzing excitement, the enthusiasm, and the big ideas. There’s the problem-solving, the energy, and the hard work. Seeing firsthand how much happened at 48 Hour Launch has us newly inspired— startups emerged with fleshed out business plans and new connections.

Joda Thongnopnua, who works for LPG startup WayPaver, attended 48 Hour Launch and summed up why it’s so inspiring. “At WayPaver and Lamp Post Group we are encouraged to take risks and push our respective fields forward in the space of talent or technology or economic development,” he said. “48 Hour Launch is a microcosm of that. It takes a lot to show up in one weekend, put an idea on the line and risk it failing.”

We work hard at Lamp Post every day to turn ideas into reality and give smart, passionate entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. Sure, our runways are a lot longer than just forty eight hours, and there are bigger numbers at stake, but the core idea is the same. Get good people together, develop awesome ideas, and do it all on a timeline that forces you to get shit done.

As the 48 Hour Launch organizers know, that approach isn’t just good business- it’s also great way to solve real world problems and tackle community issues. Our only question at Lamp Post Group this week is how can we learn from 48 Hour Launch and work even harder?  After all— there’s no better motivation than working every day like you have just forty eight hours to change the world.