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At Lamp Post Group, we do more than invest in startups— we invest in people. We are a venture incubator that provides both capital and mentorship to growing startups. That includes a full complement of support services, including legal, accounting, HR, recruiting, and downtown office space.

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Coordinates with over $50 million in Chattanooga and area investment funds.


Over 150 employees work at Lamp Post Group, over 10,000 work remotely.


Lamp Post Group has over 31,000-square-feet of shared office space.


Lamp Post Group has subsidized apartments for new recruits and employees.

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March 24 2015

Lamp Post Group Announces Tech Series for Women

We are excited to announce that we are launching our next courses for our Tech Series for Women. The series is designed to provide a positive pathway for more women to enter the tech sector—we’re … Read More

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800 Market Street Suite 200 Chattanooga, TN 37402

Our diverse portfolio of companies has room to grow in the historic Loveman’s building, just a few blocks from EPB— home to the fastest internet in the western hemisphere. With the gig network, Chattanooga’s history of innovation, and forward-thinking approach to business, Lamp Post Group is supporting the next generation of startups to change both the way we work, and the world.